Our features for Positional Order

Limit Win and Stop Loss

Users have the option to specify closing conditions for their Positional Orders. Users could use Limit Win to instruct Vodds to close a Positional Order when a pre-set Win amount has been reached. In addition, users could also instruct Vodds to close a Positional Order when a pre-set Loss amount has been reached. Alternatively, users could specify the exact odds that they want Vodds to close their Positional Orders at. Vodds will close the Positional Orders according to the user’s specific instructions (Limit Win or Stop Loss) at a best effort basis. As market conditions fluctuates rapidly, there is a possibility that Positional Orders could be closed at a odds that is lower than the user specified odds. When this happens, user has to accept the closing odds even when it is lower than what they have specified.

Guaranteed Stop

Guaranteed Stop is a function that allows users to specify an absolute loss amount or lowest odds that Vodds will close its Positional Order. Users who utilize this function will be subjected to a premium of 2 points (-0.02) off the prevailing odds when they or Vodds close their position.


After an Opening Positional Order has been placed, users are allowed to Actualize their Positional Order into a Normal Order, provided certain credit conditions are met. Once the Opening Positional Order has been Actualized, it would be converted into a Normal Order. Therefore, there would be no need to have a Closing Positional Order. Users would be left with a Normal Order.

Dark Pool

In the event that sportsbooks undergo regular maintenance or there is an outage that causes sportsbooks odds to be unavailable, Vodds will activate a Dark Pool that provides liquidity to all Positional Orders that are still unclosed. This is to provide a stable pool of liquidity for all Positional Orders.