What is Positional Order?

A Positional Order consists of an Opening Positional Order and a Closing Positional Order. Essentially, users will make a bet on a selection and subsequently close it with a corresponding opposite bet. Example, on an English Premier League match between Bournemouth Vs Liverpool, an Opening Positional Order could be on Bournemouth HDP +0.50. A corresponding Closing Positional Order would be on Liverpool HDP -0.50. Hence the second bet will cover the first bet’s liabilities in all possible match outcomes.

Unlike Normal orders, which is a conventional bet that is dependent on the match outcome, a Positional Order is a pair of bets that depends on the odds movement to determine the profit and loss. It is similar to a “Long” or “Short” position in the equities market. When odds moves in favor of your Opening bet, the Position can be closed with a profit.

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