Order Status

CREATED: Order has just been created.
RUNNING: Order is being carried out.
PENDING: Order execution is done, but order has at least 1 pending bet.
REJECTED: Order’s bets are all rejected by sportsbook websites.
CONFIRMED: Order’s bets are all confirmed. Order fulfillment condition – remaining stake is less than 5% of submitted stake 99%
PARTIAL: Order has at least 1 confirmed bet and order fulfillment condition is not met. less than 99%
UNFULFILLED: Order has no confirmed bet.
WIN: Order is settled, results in a win for user.
LOSS: Order is settled, results in a loss for user.
DRAW: Order is settled, results in a draw for user.
REFUNDED: Order is settled, stake is refunded to user, since all bets are rejected/refunded by sportsbook websites.
MODIFIED: There is a change in settlement for one or more bets in the order.

Why are some in-running bets status changed from PENDING to CONFIRMED faster than others even though they were placed simultaneously?

Vodds fulfills orders by placing bets into various sportsbooks. Sportsbooks have the prerogative to decide the status of the bets in line with their betting policies. Vodds reflects the actual status returned by the underlying sportsbooks, therefore it is possible to have different bet status even though bets were placed simultaneously.